I'm inspired learning
piano online here...

by Marsha
(Miami, FL)

I find your material quite encouraging. When it comes to someone like me, who has always aspired to play piano confidently, it takes something special to light that "spark"... your input here at the site has helped me out tremendously. I've actually made your site my homepage. Here's what I do... I wake up in the morning, brew my coffee, and make my way over to my desktop and tune in to Piano Amore. I spend just a few minutes browsing and seem to always pick up a new "tid-bit" here and there. But it's not just your words, it's also the tone in which you convey the ideas. I can easily tell, Dave, that you have a passion for helping people. Trust me, this shines all throughout the site.

Thank you, also, for your primer lesson on the Blues which I signed up for and downloaded. Also, I checked out the blues scale video and appreciated what you were saying about inflection. Now I sense why people can go years taking lessons and never have that "special sound" because I think this is a point they often miss.

I've got a long way to go, but like you say, "appreciate where you're at!" and I do now for a change. I look forward to your 7th chords program, as I'm about to order it. Piano Chords 101 was refreshingly easy and gave me confidence in the area of playing those three note chords (oh yeah, "triads").

I'm thankful that Piano Amore is here. I've checked out lots of piano sites and, as I'm sure you know, there are plenty. But when it comes to getting the kind of inspiration that someone like myself needs, you're it, Dave!

Thank you and know that I'm staying tuned with all your emails, too...

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