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Play piano chords like the pros do!
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Tired of playing with those same dull, "textbook"  piano chords? 
You are about to learn for yourself that... 

"Whether a pro or not, you can

enjoy sounding like one..."

Piano Chord Voicings Program

Ready for some "Aha!" moments?

The Chord Secrets Revealed In 
This Program Will Astonish You!

DaveHi, I'm Dave Longo... I could tell you my story about how ProProach started and came about to be the
most sought after piano chord program by adult self-starters around the globe, but I have already created
a report which makes this all clear and you can read that here at your convenience. What I would like to
do right now is offer you a no-risk opportunity and an exceptional promotional offer so you can simply get started 
with this fun program that will literally change the way you think about playing piano chords from this point forward.
I have testimonials from different parts of the world that I'm happy to share with you upon your request if you would
like an idea just how this program has provided that "extra something" to those individuals who, until they discovered
this program, either had relatively little belief in their own personal ability to produce those "hot 'n spicy" chords 
from their own fingertips or had a clue about playing basic 7th chords with confidence but wanted to get a handle
on chords like 9ths, 11ths, 13ths in a way that was understandable... more importantly, do-able!

It's pretty amazing to me, and I'm super grateful for the fact, that so many people worldwide are familiar
with what started out to be my personal pursuit of how to get professional piano chord concepts
in front of the eyes of those who aspire to take things to the next level and present them
in a fashion that can be understood by anyone who's sat at a piano or keyboard a few times.

I would like to offer you the program for the promotional price of $99
and, along with that, I'll even present the program to you subject to
this satisfaction guarantee. But I don't think it will take you 2 months
to realize how ProProach can help you with your personal goal of 
becoming a more confident master of playing chords on those keys.

Here is how this all works. Upon your enrollment, you will be
taken to a page where you fill in your first name and email address.
Upon submitting that little bit of information, you will automatically
receive an email message with a link to Lesson #2. When you 

click on that link, you are directed to a lesson page that you can
print out if you like. Also on that page is a video or a link to
a video demonstration of the concept being explored in that
lesson. I ask you to have fun with that lesson by taking a week
to find ways in your own songs to incorporate what has been
discussed. After a week has gone by, Lesson #3 will appear
in your inbox in the same fashion. If you ever experience a
challenge receiving a lesson, due to "cyber" reasons that are
even unexplainable, I'm here to help make sure you get
your lesson. You can count on good communication from
me. If you have any doubt about that, simply send me
an email right now at info @ pianoamore.com with
a question or concern and you'll see that I get back
to you pretty promptly. Although the program is
presented in a very informal manner, I take
your support of it and your commitment to
musical growth very seriously. I am on your
side. So how 'bout it? Give this a chance.
With the guarantee, my commitment to
being here for you should any
unexpected experiences arise,
and the fact that ordering online
here is very secure, can we agree
that there is nothing to stop you
from moving ahead with this?
I consider it a personal pleasure
as well as a privilege to have
you explore your musical
potential while giving this
learning tool that I had a
ball creating a chance
to help you 
do that.

Thanks for
your time ; o ) 






       Dave's signature

Jazz Piano Chords | Piano Voicings

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"It's Literally A Pro's Approach To Playing Piano Chords"

The Totally Unique Program That Not Only Shows You How To
Play Those Special Piano Sounds But Also Shows You How To
Use Them In Your Very Own Songs!

                          People Aged 18-88 Are Currently Enjoying The Benefits!                           

 You don't have to be a piano pro to start sounding like one TODAY!


24 weekly lessons!
Not a "course" to be intimidated by. Collect all your lessons,
then use them as you please, whenever you like in your own privacy!
Truly, a program you will grow with!


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"Hi Dave, you and I exchanged thoughts back in 2009, after I had started
your program. I was in the process of re-examining several of your lessons, 
and I just thought I would say 'hello' and  hope you are fine. You know, Dave,
I was highly impressed with the enormity of the work you have done with your teaching
program, along with the knowledge contained therein, back when I began Proproach.. 
Now, almost two years later, I am still convinced
it's the best there is for players
who already have some knowledge of music, and of the keyboard. If I were to underline
what is perhaps the most profound thing you are teaching, I would choose
the part about going back over the lessons a second and third time.
Since music and learning is indeed a process, the material does
mean more with successive readings ... along with practice..."

- Richard, Little Rock, Arkansas

ProProach Piano Chords Program | Piano Chord Voicings

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