Living out a childhood dream...

by Mary Ann
(Lincoln, SD)

I'm ready!

I'm ready!

Hi all,

As a child, I always wanted to play piano. We didn't have a piano in the house and things were financially pretty tight. I never lost the desire and I put it off way too many years. I'm now 51 and still have yet to learn a C chord from an F chord, but I do have a piano now and I'm determined.

I figure I'll just make it fun for myself without placing any tough demands on myself. After browsing through this site and becoming a member, I can see that the teaching style is compatible with my attitude toward learning. Dave seems to make it fun. The videos that I've already viewed have been a help to me. I'm curious about the Piano Chords 101 program and will send you an email, Dave. I'm getting more excited about this as I type : )

I've set a goal, and it's to be able to play my favorite song Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles has always been the real deal). I like the fact that I can come here at midnight because, for some reason, that's when I seem to have a lot of energy for learning!

Good luck with all your piano learning endeavors. Have fun as I am committed to doing!

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