Online Piano Coaching

by Dave @ Piano Amore

For those who have been inquiring,
personal one-on-one piano coaching
is available here at Piano Amore.

I think it makes sense that program
availability for this service is rather
limited due to the fact that your coach
is yours truly... I don't delegate this
service to anyone. So, you do in
fact know it's me you're corresponding

When this service is available, the
page shown at the link below will
be up. When space is not available,
it will be made clear on the same
page, so there's no way you can subscribe
to the service unless a significant
amount of attention can be given to
your needs...

Whether it's midnight, 4 in the morning,
or some other time, you do have that
resource that you can count on for
getting quality advice and other
forms of help when it comes to reaching
your musical potential.

Many individuals will use this service
to compliment their experience with
a program like ProProach or one
of the other learning tools available
here at the site. However, it is
not limited to use in this respect,
of course. Whether it's coaching
you want with improvising, chord
voicings, practice habits... you name
it, this one is unique and the returns
are ample for the one who is sincere
when it comes to taking self initiative
to realize any musical goal...

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