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Online Piano Lessons

Free Easy Piano Lessons

Click here for our
Free Easy Piano Lessons
collection and more!

Easy Blues Piano!

Click here for an introduction
to playing Blues Piano Chords
and how to have fun with them!

Cocktail Piano Techiniques!

Are you an aspiring piano stylist looking to enhance your cocktail piano playing skills? Begin with this bundle

Learn you basic triads!

Just want to learn a few basic chords? Here is a fun way to master those major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings

Want to learn how to play piano chords like the pros do? This 24-week program will open your eyes (and ears!)

Free Easy Piano Lessons

Beginner who wants to learn how to read the notes on the piano staff?
Learn Happy Birthday the easy way! Much more here, too!
Beginners: Learn how to play
"Happy Birthday"
in a most EASY fashion here:
(30+ items in this collection)
Meet Li'l Amore!

Welcome To Piano Amore!Welcome To Piano amore!
"Li'l Amore" would like to say hello!
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Lots of piano learning tools in our store at Piano Amore!
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